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Adult Students




Common Inquiries

Am I eligible for a library card?

If you are in Daviess County:


  1. The Washington Library is a city library meaning that the taxing district of the library is within the city limits of Washington.

  2. City residents and property owners are eligible for free library cards.

  3. The card is paid for through a library tax on individual property value.

  4. Those living outside of the city limits are in an “unserved” area unless they live in Madison Township (Odon).  Odon has its own library.

  5. Unserved areas are NOT in a taxing district and those residents may purchase a full resident Evergreen library card for $40 per year from WCPL.

  6. To summarize:  Someone having to purchase a card is pre-paying for a  year’s worth of library service whereas a city property owner is paying it through their taxes.

  7. Students in K-12 who attend Washington Community Schools or Washington Catholic Schools are eligible for a limited access card.

How do I sign up for a library card?

Do I need a library card to use the computers?

If you are over 16 or over or an a adult who is eligible for a card, please bring in a photo ID with your current address on it or a photo ID and an official document showing your current address. Students, please bring in proof of school attendance if not in the city limits. 

If you are a student under the age of 16, please have your parent/guardian bring the above information to the library to register you for a card. 

What is the checkout limit?

The max limits are: materials - 100, holds - 30, DVDs - 10 

For further information, please follow the link below for the Evergreen Policy. 

How much do I owe in late fees?

To view your current late fees and/or account balance, go to “My Account” and the top of the page ask when at your next checkout, or call the WCPL at 812-254-4586.

No you do not. 

How much do copies or printouts cost?

$.15 for Black & White per page.

$.25 for Color per page. 

Do you have notary public services?

The notary public on staff at the library will notarize documents for $2 per signature.  You must have a photo ID and do not sign the paper prior to having notary witness that act of signing. It is suggested that you call the library to set up an appointent.

Can I get a divorce at the Library?

No, but we do have a link to online forms under our Online Resources Tab.  

Can the library help with income taxes?

Staff cannot do taxes for you , but can assist you with finding tax forms and locating the appropriate websites.

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